Vicente Paredes
Vicente Paredes Gil was born in Orihuela, Spain, in 1972. He graduated in journalism in 1995 at the University of the Basque Country, and the following year studied photography at Westminster College in London. He lives in Bilbao where he works as a freelance photographer and as a teacher in the CFC, Contemporary Photography Center.
Encontros da Imagem 2016
The Festival returns to Braga, for the 26 th Edition, celebrating the sentimental side of this edition’s theme: the Search for Happiness. "PonyCongo" is one of the projects selected.
Lagos Photo 2015
Lagos Photo 2015 , "Designing futures" has been the theme chosen by Cristina de Middel, curator for this Photo Festival. "PonyCongo" is one of the projects selected for this collective exhibition. Lagos, Nigeria, 2015
Flores en el Asfalto
"Flowers in the Asphalt". Alix, Valverde, Ortiz, Paredes, Canovas. "The city as a theater of man's dreams; the city as a daily scenario of asphalt and concrete in which we tirelessly project our streets and buildings as dikes against the threat of the time.... " Ricky Dávila. “Furtivos” has been one of the projects chosen for this exhibition. Bilbao 2013
Getxophoto 2011
"Praise of Old Age" was the theme chosen by Frank Kalero, Commissioner for Getxophoto 2011 and "Huerta Urbana" (Furtivos) is one of the projects selected for this collective exhibition.. Getxo 2011
Laberinto de Miradas
"Labyrinth of Views". "The Muza Family" was one of the seventy projects chosen for this sample of Latin American documentary photography. It has been exhibited in more than twenty countries in Latin America and several Spanish cities. Curated by Claudi Carreras.
La Famila Muza
Madrid, February 2010
La Irreal Gallery. Madrid.
Huerta Urbana
Bilbao, January 2010
Abisal gallery. Scenic space, Jose Luis Raymond.

Ultramarinos Iñaki
Bilbao, November 2010
Arrópame gallery
Publisher This Book Is True
"By putting together the two extremes of childhood Pony Congo brings to the surface the shameful coexistence of two stereotypical realities. With a series of diptychs the viewer is confronted with the extreme depiction of strongly opposed routines. On one hand the stress of the wealthy for gaining recognition and social status from the early stages of their lives, victims of family and social pressure measuring their value by riding on a small horse." Cristina de Middel. You can get it:
Publisher Fiesta/La Kursala/RM
In Furtivos, Vicente Paredes tells about those behaviours that are written into our own DNA. Even in the absence of earth, a dog will always try to bury his bone; even when walking over subway tunnels, cement and glass, a man will dig holes through them to plant seeds. 2012. You can buy in:
Bilbao, cómo has cambiao
Publisher SRB
"Bilbao, how you've changed", SRB publisher. The book, published by SRB, consists of two parts where a discourse is established between the photographs of Manu Cecilio, photojournalist for El Correo from the 50s to the late twentieth century, and photographs of Begoña Zubero and Vicente Paredes.
Best Books of the Year in Kassel Fotobook Festival , 2016, nominated. The 2016 Book Awards Arles, Finalist. Photo Eye, nominated as the Best Books of the Year 2015, .
Bronze Laus in the category of ‘Best Catalogue’
42 edition of the international Laus awards for graphic design and visual communication. For the "Ciencias Naturalistas", work done with the Agency's Plan B.
Gold Laus in the category of ‘Best Catalogue’
41 edition of the international Laus awards for graphic design and visual communication. For the "Conservas Serrano", work done with the Agency's Plan B.
Anuaria First Prize for Best National Advertising Catalogue
Spanish Graphic Design Awards 2009. Plan B Agency.